Project Management Your satisfaction is our guideline.

Managing a project is a huge task, which we gladly take on for you. We are committed to representing you and your interests without compromise consequently contributing to a successful conclusion of the project.

Project Management

Today's construction projects are subject to a number of high requirements. We always consider a project in the light of its economic benefits. Once we have outlined your objectives, we delegate the tasks and make sure that they are implemented correctly. We ensure that the work process is completed on time and at a high level of quality. We are always available to answer any queries you might have. A transparent approach and a clear structure are fundamentally important to us.
Our cost management is characterised by the precise control of planning and construction services. We analyse the profitability of individual work stages and draw up precise budgets and forecasts of the costs incurred. We identify potential risks at an early stage and take appropriate countermeasures. Target/actual comparisons and comprehensive claim management provide us with a daily overview so that we can act quickly and efficiently in the event of any deviation from the project’s overall objective.
Adherence to deadlines is a basic requirement for the successful implementation of a project. We gladly support you in the task of working out a realistic timeframe for your project. These due dates are determined in the initial phase of the project management framework and included in a scheduled agenda. We check that the deadlines agreed to by the contractual partners are adhered to. The most important goal is always to ensure that a project is implemented as quickly as possible at the same time meeting the agreed quality requirements.
Along with the factors of time and cost, quality is the third cornerstone for the successful implementation of a project. In the planning phase we define the structural standards and features. We also check the quality of the results of each planning and implementation phase in addition to supporting you with inspections for compliance of your contractual partners. If the execution deviates from the agreed upon objective, we are ready and determined to represent your interests on the basis of our detailed documentation. If required, we also provide special inspections executed by external experts.
Contract management
Included in our services of project management we also deal with contract management. We support you in developing contracts on the basis of quotation calculations, their administration, adapting them where necessary and finally managing them appropriately. We also provide professional support in the selection and commissioning of planners, consultants, and experts.

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