Project Controlling / Monitoring Every project remains on safe course.

As project controllers it is our job to keep track of your project and guarantee that it is developing according to the qualities and quantities agreed to by the contract. In concrete terms, this means that we provide you with independent controlling of deadlines, construction quality and costs so that you can act quickly in case of any irregularities.

Project Controlling / Monitoring

Controlling costs
Considering the high costs incurred in the course of project implementation, independent, external cost controlling is indispensable. Our approach to cost analysis is structured and transparent. In addition to the target/actual comparison, which we continuously evaluate for you, we also work towards ways to help you reduce and save costs. We are also happy to carry out the complete project accounting for you.
Schedule controlling
For a timely and successful realization of your project, the agreed deadlines for each work stage must be met. We oversee all planning and decision-making processes for you, as well as their timely execution. The daily up-dates on your project enable you to react immediately in case of any deviation that might endanger the timely completion of your project. This way you do not only have control over the project development, this also allows you to keep the agreements you have with your customers.
Quality control
We ensure that the realization of your project, both in the area of planning as well as in its execution, is carried out exactly as agreed. At every stage of the project, we ensure that the architectural and technical requirements are implemented correctly. In addition we gladly support you during the inspection tests for final approval, in case of any deficits indicating non-conforming defects which need reworking.

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