Building Information Modeling For an efficient and transparent construction planning.

BIM stand for "Building Information Modeling" and is the solution when it comes to planning your construction project. It is based on a digital model and permanently keeping track of all relevant data and information concerning the planned construction project. Furthermore, enabling the essential transparent exchange among all the project’s participants.

BIM Management

The model of the construction project is not only used for planning, it also supports project realization and management. The building model is compiled of partial models from different disciplines, such as architecture, building services, and the structural design. The data relating to the construction project is saved alphanumerically and can be displayed visually and clearly to assist the project planner.
Full transparency about deadlines and costs
This accumulated information is also indispensable with regards to the overview of project costs and timing. Obviously, this data is continuously up-dated. Whether your construction project is with a new building or an already existing property: BIM supports you with the successful management and completion of your project.

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